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 Bringing Your Landscaping & Outdoor Living Space Ideas To Life

 Peter Hordyk Landscape is your local landscaping contractor committed to bringing your gardens and landscapes to life. From fabulous garden transformation to stone work decking and lawn care services, we're your partner for installation, redesign, and updates. 


Trusted Landscaping Business Built on Referrals in Burlington and the Surrounding Areas

Peter Hordyk Landscape is a landscaping business built on referrals, servicing Burlington and surrounding areas for over 4 decades. We specialize in natural stone installation and repairs, outdoor carpentry as well as garden installation and rejuvenation. Peter takes up both residential and commercial landscaping projects for our customers in Burlington, ON. Our experienced, qualified, and trusted landscape company creates, rejuvenates & maintains outdoor spaces and garden landscapes according to your specifications and needs. Peter can also help you with professional and efficient snow and ice removal services. Call us today to discuss your landscaping ideas with a trusted local landscaping contractor in Burlington, ON.

Experienced Residential and Commercial Landscaping Contractors

As an experienced local landscaping contractor in Burlington, Peter serves both homeowners and business owners to create outdoor spaces for them that match their lifestyles, interests, and budgets. Whether it is custom-built fence installation, pergola and gazebo construction, or precast stonework, we’re here to plan, design, and work for your landscaping project. Let’s convert your yard into an aesthetically enjoyable outdoor space.

Why Select Peter Hordyk for Your Landscaping Project?

At Peter Hordyk Landscape, we want you to have the right landscaping contractors for your green, outdoor spaces.

More than 40 years in business

Experienced & qualified landscaper

A wide range of landscaping services near you

Business built on referrals

Serving both residential and commercial customers

Customized to suit all demands and budgets

 Natural & Precast Stone Installation

 Do you want a flagstone, interlocking stone, or any other natural stone installed in your garden?

Seasonal Pruning Service

Request Peter’s expertise for all trimming and pruning needs.

Professional Snow Plowing

Do you want a worry-free winter? Hire a snow removal professional in Burlington, ON!

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